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American Putter Company

APC Oak Dale Putter Atomic Bronze with Weld Neck

$195.00 USD $495.00 USD
The American Putter Company is proud to offer for sale, the Oak Dale Model Putter with Welded Matching Neck!

Pure Stainless 303! Comes with a Black on Black/Red Stitch, American Putter Company Genuine Leather Signature Grip with Eagle Logo Embossed!

Dont let this one pass you by! Come Fly with us and let the Eagle Guide you ball into the hole!

   • Beautiful High Buff Atomic Bronze
   • Hand Painted in Translucent Red
   • American Putter Company Badge in the Back Cavity
   • Our Registered Trademark Eagle on the Front Heal!
   • Circle APC America Shaftband!
   • Weight: 354
   • Length: 34"
   • Loft: 3.5
   • Lie: 70
   • Headcover: White with Circle APC America Patch

The America Putter Company sources all metals from the United States of America. Every piece of metal comes to us with a certification stating location of procurement and exact metal specifications. We are here for the people and designed by the people!